A Comprehensive Common Core Program for Grades K-6


30 weeks of gradual-release instruction per grade

Each Benchmark Literacy unit has three weeks of instruction providing an intensive comprehension workshop that moves students from modeling and guided practice to independent application, integration, and transfer of strategies.

Build strategies and apply them through close reading of text.

Unit Metacognitive Strategy Unit Comprehension Strategy K 1 2 3 4 5 6
Visualize Analyze Character      
Summarize & Synthesize Analyze Story Elements      
Determine Text Importance Compare & Contrast
Make Inferences Draw Conclusions
Make Connections Identify Cause & Effect
Ask Questions Identify Main Idea & Supporting Details
Determine Text Importance Identify Sequence of Events
Make Connections or Visualize Make Inferences
Make Inferences Make Predictions      
Fix-Up Monitoring Summarize Information  
Summarize & Synthesize Evaluate Author's Purpose        
Make Connections Distinguish & Evaluate Fact & Opinion      
Ask Questions Make Judgments        

3 Week Unit